EDIH Network

HealthHub Finland is part of the EDIH Network, a pan-European partnership of over 150 European Digital Innovation Hubs. EDIHs function as service points that boost digital investment and, in particular, the digitalisation of SMEs. There are four EDIHs in Finland.

The EDIH network serves businesses and the public sector across Europe

Do you want to develop your business by exploiting the opportunities of digitalisation? Find out more about the Finnish EDIH Innovation Centres below and get in touch.

EDIHs are intended to act as one-stop-shops where businesses can access services, expertise and other support for the implementation and use of digital solutions. We provide services to help businesses and the public sector become more capable of using new digital solutions in their business. Through these services, businesses will be better equipped to improve their competitiveness.

The key performance indicator is the development of digital maturity of businesses.

EDIH Network in Finland – Support for Digitalisation

There are four EDIH Innovation Centres in Finland. Some of them support only companies, others also the public sector.

The members of the Finnish EDIH network offer the following services:

  • “Test before you invest” services
  • Skills development and training
  • Support to find funding
  • Innovation ecosystem and networking support

The Finnish EDIH network has the following members:

  • HealthHub Finland supports the development of digital solutions for health and well-being sector and is a gateway to Finnish health and well-being data,
  • Robocoast primarily supports industrial SMEs in the use of cybersecurity, data, AI and robotics,
  • Location innovation Hub (LIH) helps companies exploit the opportunities offered by location data, such as precise positioning and next-generation location technologies,
  • Finnish AI region (FAIR) accelerates and scales up the adoption of AI in small and medium-sized enterprises.

SME’s can contact any of the Finnish Innovation Hubs directly for services and support in developing digitalisation. The Finnish Innovation Hubs work closely together to ensure that the right range of services is available to the company. The majority of services are free of charge, but some are fee-based. Finnish Innovation Hubs also connect customers to the services of a European network of more than 150 innovation centres that promote digitalisation.

Contact us to discuss your needs and find out more about the services available.

EDIH is part of the European Commission’s €7.5 billion Digital Europe programme. In Finland, the project’s funding partner is Business Finland, which supports EDIH network clients through an application process.

You can find all 151 EU EDIH consortia and other information related to EDIH activities on the DTA website.