EDIH Network

HealthHub Finland is part of the EDIH Network, a pan-European partnership of over 150 European Digital Innovation Hubs. EDIHs function as service points that boost digital investment and, in particular, the digitalisation of SMEs. There are four EDIHs in Finland.

An overarching goal of the EDIH network is the development of the digital maturity of businesses. The aim is to:

  • develop the digital capabilities of SMEs and public sector organisations in all Member States of the European Union,
  • increase innovation capacity in the European Union,
  • provide permanent action and support for the development of digitalisation.

EDIHs are co-funded by the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme, with a budget of €7.5 billion. In Finland, the project is co-funded by Business Finland.

Read more about the EDIH initiative.

EDIH Network in Finland

There are four EDIH Innovation Centres in Finland. In addition to HealthHub Finland, there are Robocoast, Location Innovation Hub and FAIR:

  • Robocoast supports companies in utilising cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics, 5G and IOT, robotics and energy technologies,
  • Location innovation Hub (LIH) helps companies to harness the potential of location data, such as precise positioning and next-generation location technologies,
  • Finnish AI region (FAIR) accelerates and scales up the adoption of AI in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Learn more about the EDIHs in Finland.

HealthHub Finland’s EDIH Network in Europe

NEXT-WAVE@Health Care Innovation Corridor (Preliminary):

  • CATCH atMIND – Italy
  • Digital Health – Portugal
  • DIH·bio – Spain
  • SmartHEALTH – Greece
  • Klaster LifeScience Krakow – Poland
  • DIH DIGICARE – Germany
  • DIVA – France
  • Health Data – Sweden

EDIH Health Agro Network (Preliminary):

  • AgriSmartHub – Poland
  • CHEDIH -Circular Health EDIH – Italy
  • CITAH – Germany
  • DIGI-SI – Slovenia
  • Digital Accelerator of Latvia – Latvia
  • Digital Impact North (DIN) – Sweden
  • DIHNAMO – France
  • DIZ – Romania
  • EDIH CROBOHUB++ – Croatia
  • EDIH4AGRIFOOD – Belgium
  • EDIH4IAE.LT – Lithuania
  • EDIH CASSOVIUM – Slovakia
  • FIT DIH – Romania
  • Latvian IT Cluster – Latvia
  • LIVINGTRAC – Greece
  • Loire Valley Data Hub – France
  • Minasmart – France
  • North-Eastern Technological Center – Poland
  • ReHub|Sustainable Digitisation for AgriFood – Greece
  • Smart Sustainable Farms Foods and Trade EDIH (SFT-EDIH) – Portugal
  • Zagore EDIH – Bulgaria