Finland EDIH Service Catalogue Now Available



Finnish EDIHs developed a joint service catalogue to serve their customers through a common platform. Small or medium sized companies and public service providers from all Member States of the European Union can now easily browse through the services and get in contact with the appropriate service provider.

The European Digital Innovation Hubs have a common goal:  to help companies and public sector organisations respond to digital challenges and become more competitive. EDIHs are on a mission to improve the digital capacity of the whole European Union.  While they serve customers in different industry sectors, the services that EDIHs offer all tackle the same issue: to improve business and production processes, products, or services using digital technologies.

“And so Finnish EDIHs joined forces and developed a common service platform,” tells Henrik Honkanen, the Finnish EDIH representative and Project Coordinator of HealthHub Finland. “The EDIH network enables us to go beyond our own capacities to find solutions to customers problems; if not through our own services, then by utilising the services of the whole EDIH network.”

The EDIH network consists of over 150 innovation hubs, in Finland there are four:  FAIR helps companies to adopt artificial intelligence in their operations, while Robocoast supports companies in utilising cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics, 5G and IOT, robotics and energy technologies. HealthHub Finland supports the development of digital solutions for health and wellbeing and acts as a gateway to Finnish health and wellbeing data. The fourth Finnish EDIH, Location Innovation Hub helps companies to harness the potential of location data, such as precise positioning and next-generation location technologies.

Browse through the new common Finland EDIH service catalogue here.

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The EDIH initiative is co-funded by the European Union and Business Finland.


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