Client Success Stories

Explore the development projects that have been carried out in cooperation with HealthHub Finland.


ThingLink Oy and the Computational Intelligence (CI) Research Group at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) join forces to explore the potential of AI-assisted learning environments in supporting the work of nurses and healthcare professionals.

“HealthHub Finland provides expert professionals for the development work and largely takes care of the necessary funding as well. All rights to the development work remain with the company. For the company, this is like buying expert services with so-called hard cash, but now, thanks to public support, the cost remains very low.”

Kimmo Solehmainen, Kuopio Health

Wellpro Impact Solutions

In coopeartion with HealthHub Finland, Wellpro Impact Solutions aims to develop AI-powered virtual assistants that have the potential to reshape how we approach our health and daily routines.

“The significant support from both EU and Business Finland makes it possible to set the ambition level of the project much higher than what would be normally possible without the EDIH project.”

Keijo Haataja, UEF’s Computational Intelligence (CI) Research Group

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