Health Data trainings and webinars:

Bioinformatics and data analysis

DigiHealth studies module

  • Description: DigiHealth studies module gives a wide-ranging insight to medical device regulation and data security, to basics, applications, and development of digital healthcare, as well as to health data modelling and utilization as a part of anticipatory and supporting healthcare
  • Service provider: University of Oulu
  • Link to service: DigiHealth training module | JOY (

Heath data awareness training

Health Data and technology trainings, webinars and workshops:

HealthHub AI Business Academy

  • Description: The training is specifically designed for the needs of SME and is intended to promote the utilization of AI technologies in companies.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service:

Data AI POC co-creation training

  • Description: Facilitating co-creation process on the secondary use of data, i.e. POC pilot process, or part of the process, based on needs of client. Service includes 10 steps to give practical tips and processes from challenge identification to POC planning and reporting.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service:

Health Data and collaboration trainings, webinars and workshops:

HealthHub Centre for Skills Training and Simulation

  • Description: includes facilities designed for learning clinical skills as well as simulation rooms where medical students, students in health-care-related fields and professionals can work on practical skills. The simulation rooms mimic real-life hospital wards, emergency rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms and maternity wards. Learners form multidisciplinary teams that are responsible for providing comprehensive care to patients. Simulation-based learning is well suited for teaching clinical skills, decision-making, communication and teamwork. Simulation also improves patient safety.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service:

HealthHub Corporate Corner

  • Description: Corporate Corner promotes academia-to-business collaboration and cocreation by helping academic and industrial researchers to create new ideas and products and solve existing problems within research and development. Corporate corner brings partners together to discuss, develop and co-invent within various fields of science.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service: Home – CORPORATE CORNER

Health Data innovation, business development and strategy training, webinars and workshops:


  • Description: Low-entry threshold digital advisory service which shares information and trains / advises companies in developing digital business, sales and marketing.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service:

HealthHub Digital strategy workshop

  • Description: Focus on creating, developing or updating a company`s digital strategy, digital strategy leadership, tools, methods etc.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service:

HealthHub Business Innovation Camp

HealthHub Spark Finland Courses

  • Description: Program offers lectures and workshops on how to develop a solution – a new product or drug – and what inventors need to understand about business and finance when targeting on to exploit the commercial value of their solutions.
  • Service provider: HealthHub Finland
  • Link to service: Education | Spark Finland

HealthHub ProHealth Growth Programme

HealthHub Innovation Management Assessment

  • Description: TScP will offer HHFIN clients Innovation Management Assessment to analyse the current state of company’s innovation capability. Based on the analysis, a development plan is formulated, and Turku Science Park Ltd. specialists help carry the plan through.
  • Service provider: TScP
  • Link to service: Innovation management capacity building | Turku Business Region

HealthHub Best Practices and Experience Sharing

  • Description: Identification & sharing of best practices, success stories and useful lessons learnt in developing and implementing novel data-driven service innovations with other EDIHs and interested parties. Service includes the template for describing the use cases uniformly and communicating them in different channels. The purpose of these case descriptions is to highlight what can be possible in utilizing data and AI in healthcare, and, also how to avoid and overcome the challenges one can face.
  • Service provider: University of Oulu
  • Link to service: Centre for Health and Technology | University of Oulu