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Natural Language Processing Applications in Healthcare

12.12.2023 | 09:30-11:00

Welcome to the next event from the Health Talks series – health, life sciences and entrepreneurship talks organised by Aalto University, Business Turku, Centria Health Hub, Health Design, Health Hub Tampere, HealthHub Finland EDIH, Healthtech Finland, HiLIFE (University of Helsinki), Kuopio Health, OuluHealth, Terkko Health Hub.


This Health Talks will focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications in healthcare. Nowadays most of us know ChatGPT and how it has promised to revolutionize the way we work. Join to learn how NLP, the technique behind ChatGPT, can change the future of healthcare. You will also learn about the NLPs implications on the education of healthcare professionals and health practice. The talk will also introduce the newly established Turku Centre for Intelligent Computing (CIC) (Tekoälykeskus in Finnish) and how it will support AI research and development.


Webinar will be held via Zoom. The event is free, but requires registration. The link to the event will be sent after the registration.


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Opening words and introduction of HealthHub Finland EDIH/ HealthTurku,
Henrik Honkanen, Senior Specialist at Business Turku and Project Coordinator for HealthHub Finland

Turku Centre for Intelligent Computing (CIC),
Kaj-Mikael Björk, Director of CIC and Head of Research at Silo.AI

A brief introduction to NLP and large language models,
Hans Moen, Research Fellow at Aalto University

Implications for education and practice of NLP in Healthcare,
Laura-Maria Peltonen, PhD, Adjunct Professor at University of Turku

Closing words




Kaj-Mikael Björk is the Director of CIC (Centre for Intelligent Computing) at Turku Science Park and Head of Research of Silo.AI as well as a part-time Principle Lecturer in Arcada. He received his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from Åbo Akademi University, in 1999 and 2002, respectively, and a Ph.D. degree in business administration (information systems) from Åbo Akademi University, in 2006.

Hans Moen is a Research Fellow at Aalto University. He works in the Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) group and the Probabilistic Machine Learning Group (PML) group. His main research focus is natural language processing (NLP), with a special focus on clinical text (clinical NLP).

Laura-Maria Peltonen is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Nursing Science at the University of Turku. She has 10 years of work experience in acute nursing and her research interests include e.g. examining health services and how information is used to support decision-making by managers and clinicians.



Henrik Honkanen The Health Talk will be hosted by Henrik Honkanen, who is currently the Project Coordinator for HealthHub Finland EDIH at Business Turku. Henrik has a bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine from the University of Turku. Additionally, he has master’s degrees in health informatics (Karolinska Institutet) and in commercialization of healthcare innovations (Copenhagen Business School). During his career, he has among other things worked as a health technology consultant, coded clinical decision support systems and conducted preclinical research abroad.

Rashad Ismayilzada – Head of Partnerships at Terkko Health Hub

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